Controlling mosquitoes is not just a measure of killing mosquitoes. It is much more than that. It is a process to control the mosquitoes so that they cannot breed further. It is important to know the places they breed and finally eradicate them. Mosquito eradication can be troublesome part. They can hide and breed at backyard or garden. They can hide at any unexplored corner of your home and breed to.

Lifecycle of the mosquitoes

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It is good to know something about mosquito. The mosquitoes have short life cycle. Male mosquito does not bite. It is only the females that bite. A male mosquito dies after the fertilization. The female mosquitoes life is little more than 15 days depending on the season. Mosquitoes lay eggs on the standing water. This includes pond, gutters, pool etc. The mosquitoes and their larvae lye in dormant state during winters but they get active at the arrival or spring and summer season. They can hide themselves in stagnant water for entire winter season.

Mosquitoes breeding places


Mosquitoes can breed at any place where you have any stagnant water. Mosquitoes do not breed in the running water such as stream or river but they do breed in the ponds, any wet places or still water bodies. They can easily find the breeding ground in old cans, gutters  etc where there is a collection of water. The still water in the plants or around trees can be a breeding place for them. If the water is stagnant anywhere on the ground can form the mosquitoes breeding place.

Some Mosquito controlling tips

  • If there is pond or pool in your yard then check them regularly as it is the ground to control the mosquitoes. If it has fishes in it then it is unlikely that the mosquitoes will breed in it.  Fishes eat the larvae of the mosquitoes.
  • Keep a check on any blocked gutter in your house or in the yard. Check your roof top as well for any water blockage. It is the place for mosquitoes to rapidly breed. Regularly check the pipes that has water running.
  • Do not keep water for long in tins, buckets, bird and dog dishes, cans etc. Empty the containers if they have water lying in it.
  • Keep a check on leaks. Mosquitoes can breed at any small place with still water in it.
  • If you have a fountain in your garden then make sure that there is no stagnant water once it is off season.
  • Inform the measures to your neighbors too. Mosquitoes can dwell there and then attack at your place.

There are the above mentioned measures that you can take and prevent the mosquitoes breeding to great extent. The mosquitoes are not like any other pest harming the property. There are life threatening diseases that occur due to them. Children can easily become the prey. Therefore, it is necessary to eradicate them from house and vicinity. The homeowners must place the misting system. It is a relief to have a misting system. This sprays the mist on the preset time and that keeps the mosquitoes at bay.

Prevention from the adult mosquitoes

Larvae eradication is crucial but keeping the control on the adult population is important as well. You can prevent the adults coming in by placing the mosquito traps. There are many types of traps available in variety of sizes. There is a baby trap that covers the cot of the infant. There are big sizes available that can be placed according to the need and space. The mosquito repellants are available too. They come in form of coil as well as tablets. There is variety of stickers, wrist bands available to keep the mosquitoes away.

It is not easy to completely eradicate the mosquitoes by using the measures and taking precautions. You must take help of professionals too. They give you the best. The professionals will know when is the correct time for the spray. The spray contains the strong chemicals that can harm the pets and children. Avoid doing it on your own. This spray can harm the life of harmless insects such as honey bee too. Therefore, take help of the professional agencies. You need to protect your family from this deadly pest.