Thinking about cockroaches brings nasty looks on all of our faces. Cockroaches are the most widely despised pest in the world. They are nocturnal insects, and prefer to live in dark. Their presence cannot be noticed in day time or in the presence of light, but if a cockroach is seen during day then it is a possible sign of infestation. Most of us view them as the carriers of germs. Cockroaches are insects which are detrimental to humans by nature. They are one of the primary conveyors of many harmful microorganisms. Cockroaches carry disease-causing bacteria and have recently been discovered to be a source of allergies in humans.

coackroaches control at home

There are many strong capabilities of cockroaches which make them an enemy of humans. Few amazing capabilities are like:

  • Speedy reproductive abilities.
  • Female cockroach can be impregnated once only to lay eggs for the rest of its life.
  • Few environmental needs like warmth, moisture and food are required to scope out.
  • Cockroaches are capable of living for a month without food.
  • They remain alive without head for a week.
  • A cockroach can hold its breath for 45 minutes and can slow down its heart rate.

Their body have much higher resistance even towards radiations, which place them superior to even vertebrates. Cockroaches have been on the planet for more than 350 million years. About 4,000 species of cockroaches exist at present. Cockroaches are a big health threat. The habits and very high reproduction rate of cockroaches can produce large populations. It can spread diseases through the contaminated food. It causes allergies and asthma too.

The above description of such a capable n strong pest is enough to explain why they need to be kept away from your living area.

It is better to take precautions. Keep your home very clean. Empty your garbage regularly especially in the summer time. Do not put a lot of leftover food waste into your garbage kitchen bin. The reason is the stinky smells attract the cockroaches. Also be sure that your outdoor garbage is not right beside your house. If it is located directly at the back door then you could be inviting cockroaches’ right into your house.

Always keep your pantry neat and tidy. Keep the food items in tight seal. Always keep your cereal and other grains in air tight containers. Boric acid has always been an effective cockroach deterrent as long as you use it properly. The reason for using boric acid is that its toxicity is low for humans, but very effective on cockroaches. Spread less of boric acid. It must be barely visible to you. Put a light line under the refrigerator, under the stove and near to the cracks and crevices those are close to doorways will keep cockroaches at bay.

how to use boric acid

So pest control at the domestic level needs to be stepped up to meet unrecognized health threats to families

Method to keep cockroaches away from home

Keeping cockroaches away from your home is not that difficult in which one needs to be armed up and stand vigilant at every opening of house.

Few ingredients available in kitchen shelves are only required to make cockroach repellents or killers.

Method to get rid of the cockroaches naturally (fast and permanently)

  1. A bit of powdered boric acid (available in pharmacies), white flour and a little amount of granulated sugar these ingredients are sufficient to make a cockroach killer at home.
  2. Just by following simple steps which includes, mixing all the three ingredients together with a few drops of water (the mixture will be like dough).
  3. Now make small pellets and put them in areas which are commonly infested by cockroaches at home.

If you already know the living areas of these pests then keep some pellets there also. The sugar present in the mixture acts as a bait and the boric acid will be a cockroach killer. This process may take about 10 to 14 days to kill all the cockroaches. Once you get rid of all the cockroaches in your house, then you need to control the entrance of cockroaches to your house.

Alternatively, you may use many other methods similar to this. Cockroach killers can be easily made at home using boric acid. You can also use cocoa powder as bait instead of sugar. These methods can get rid of cockroaches permanently by killing the every last cockroach in your home.

Take care of kids at home when applying such killer agents at home, although boric acid is not that injurious for humans but kids should be kept out of such businesses. Therefore, the application of cockroach killers or any such killers must be done at night or when maximum family members are not at home.

Follow the above mentioned steps and maintain your home. Keep a check and your household will be completely free of cockroaches.