During the hiking trails, there are mistakes that the backpackers commit. Some of the blunders are mentioned below. They are mentioned in the article so that such blunders should not happen with the hikers.

  1. Cooking inside the camping tent


It seems a great idea to cook inside the tent as to feel cozy and warm. There can be some hazards when you use the backpacking stove for cold weather. There is a danger of burning of the tent if you cook inside it. There is another risk of your life with the carbon monoxide that can actually kill you. Carbon monoxide actually generates the poisonous fumes. The best thing to cook indoors is to use the vestibule of the tent. It must also has the proper ventilation. If it is too cold to cook outside and you do not have a vestibule then avoid cooking for your own safety.

  1. Soaring Feet

There are few things that can actually ruin your backpacking trip. The bad blisters in the feet make it tough for you to have a pleasant trip. If you move with foot it hurts on every step. The trip is actually ruined. The blisters occur due to the friction of the footwear. If the footwear is very rigid or tight then it will rub the skin. You can have the blisters if your feet are soft. Choose the correct shoes for your feet. It can be boots or the light weight trail wear shoes. If you feel the heat of the developing bristles then address it immediately. You can do trekking with the initial bristle but it gets very bad in some time. It will hurt your feet and will be painful for you.

  1. Wet sleeping bags

It is a curse to sleep in wet sleeping bags. During the rainy weather there are chances that your sleeping bag gets soaked in water. If your bag is wet then you would have no option but to use the wet bag. Sleeping bag must be kept in dry conditions. It is good to pack it in a dry cover and then put inside the backpack. As most of the backpacks claim to be waterproof but then it is good to have an extra cover on the sleeping bag.

wet sleeping bag

  1. Packing too much of weight

When you pack the back at home it may seem alright or comfortable. You tend to keep extra food items, camping chairs, extra shoes, extra set of clothes etc. it will seem manageable at home. But at the trail every kg would be a burden on the back. The heavy the back it is more difficult to hike. It is necessary to cut the crap. Cutting the extra weight comes from the experience of backpacking. Do not carry the extras. Take the light weight gears along with you. The selection should take time and brainstorming before the start of the journey. Nowadays everything in light weight is available. Keep your sleeping bag, tent and backpack light so that it is easy to carry on the trail and you can walk fast.

  1. Consider the weather

Check the weather of your destination well in advance. Mountain temperature can quickly drop. So always keep the proper clothes and be ready for any kind of weather change while camping. You may have to wake up in the night to check on the rain. Even if there is a forecast on the warm weather then also always keep the rain jacket with you. It is generally cold in the mornings and evenings on the elevations. Apart from rain jacket keep pair of gloves and hat with you in the backpack.

The untested gear for trekking

It is very essential to test the gears in your back-country. Using the new equipments can go wrong. It should be done while you are planning for the trip. The stove can be wrong and that can create lot of trouble in the trip. Therefore never bring any item that is not tested in the back-country.

Make a checklist before your trip that includes the lightweight gears too. Do a proper check on every essential thing so that your trip does not become an unpleasant one.