Small bathrooms may seem a hard remodeling task to perform (although these spaces may introduce a clever layout challenge to take on). Creating a functional bathroom with little space must be a must to you lifestyle needs.

  • Suspended rectangular toilets. It is the new and modern trend in decorating small bathrooms, and it is because this kind of bathroom is more comfortable, better adapted to the space and offers the ability to place them along. In addition, as they can be supported on the wall, you can optimize the space in the room. Don’t you think it is a great idea?

small bathroom ideas

  • Outstretched toilets. These are ideal, especially in small rectangular distribution of modern bathrooms. This type of basins allows the placement of two spades, one beside another, which is a great idea if you share your bath with somebody at home.
  • Bath and shower in one place. In a small space you can save space integrating both shower and bath, thus you will have two in one.
  • Bath vs. Shower. If your bathroom is indeed a very small place to have both, or you just don’t want to afford a bath, you should choose the shower above the bath. Showers are more comfortable and easy to clean up.
  • Modern small bathrooms with a proper use of color. We will insist on the relevant of color in small rooms. Light-colored bathrooms are bright and visually help change the usable space. However, with some small touches of color you can achieve fresh and modern effect you desire so badly. A nice option is white. Remember that white is associated with cleanliness.

small size bathroom tips

  • Choose the perfect tiles according to your preferred style. Most bathrooms are tiled, as those protect the walls of the modern small bathroom and are easy to be cleaned up. However, the decision to select the right tile is only yours. There are people who prefer smooth style, others prefer elegant patterns printed in the tiles, others may prefer murals. There is no need to put the same tile throughout the bathroom, or all the bathrooms your house has. If it is a jazzy tile, you can choose to put it only on a wall.
  • Use of wood. Wood is one of the materials most widely used in modern decoration of small bathrooms. It is part of the decor inspired by nature and it is also used for furniture, walls, platforms and even bathtubs. Wood gives more natural style to the bathrooms and a homelike sense to the space.
  • Rainfall-styled showers. They are the most common, the latest in decorating small modern bathrooms. These showers allow you to feel like you’re swimming when taking a shower, as you feel how water goes down from the roof to your skin as if it was raining. It is very relaxing and usually some models have other options like tubs and water jets. This shower is a great and very modern idea.
  • Organizers of wall for the bathroom. Here we are referring to soap holders, glasses for toothbrushes and toothpaste. It is possible that the sink countertop is insufficient to accommodate everything we use in the bathroom daily. If this is your case, you’ll love this proposal: it consists of a simple bar of hanging plastic containers to organize perfectly all products and, most importantly, within easy reach. It is a vertical way of storage that can also be possible to manufacture at home with the appropriate tools and materials.
  • Add storage. Instead of adding large furniture storage, choose open shelving instead. This will add warmth to you space and eliminate unwanted large furniture pieces, even stuff which are not meant to be saved in the bathroom. Some good ideas you should have in mind: colorful storage ladders showcase personality and a great space to store containers; or sink skirts add flare and can easily hide away cleaning products, which is important if we are talking about a bathroom for guests.
  • Choose light-colored flooring. In this way, you will make the space enlarge visually. Choose ceramic flooring that look like wood or vinyl flooring for a feeling of relax.