Every part of your house is important, just like every part of your body is important. If one of your organs didn’t function very well, of course, you could still do your activities but your body won’t be functioning at it’s best. Same with a house. If you miss a part of your house, of course, it won’t give you the best of its comfort and safety as the functions of a house should be.wooden floor

One of the most important parts of your house is the floor. That’s where people and your pets probably, step on when they move around the house, also there are a lot of activities that took place on the floor. Besides it has to be clean, the floor also needs to look beautiful.

What you can do to start is of course to have a beautiful floor? Nowadays, a lot of people opted for a wooden floor. You could either buy them or even make them yourself. For those who loves woodworking, then you probably interested in making them yourself. The materials you are using and the tools, like a wood router, both are important things that critically affect the results. You can read more on woodworking and how to buy the best wood router by following the links.

Other than that, you could add some improvement to your floor. Most people will put either carpet or rugs. There are a very wide choices of carpet and rugs. Now, I will talk about rugs and it’s category.


There is a rug that are made especially for indoor use only, and, of course, there are also for outdoor use only. The materials are probably the aspect that differentiate them the most. When you buy a rug for outdoor use, I think you should buy the one that could be for an all weather situation.


Basically, there are three main styles: traditional, contemporary, and transitional. The traditional rugs have European, Oriental and Persian designs and give impressions of formal and elegant. The contemporary rugs have more modern designs like architectural and abstract. The transitional rugs have designs that are in the between of the traditional and contemporary designs. Usually, the rugs that have the transitional designs are the outdoor rugs.

Rugs for outside


Of course, this aspect is important because you have to adjust with the room’s size where you want to put the rug, the exact location where the rug would be placed, and with the arrangement of the furniture’s itself.


There are lots of color choices of the rugs: beige, green, orange, you name it. You could buy a rug in the same color as your furniture, in a color that totally different from anything in the room, it’s okay because you can do it whatever you wanted.


A rug would come in shapes like rectangle, square, round, oval, runners, and other shapes. There is also a rug that is for each of a staircase. But when you have kids, especially that are still babies or very young, you could totally cover all of the stairs because when they started walking it will be safer for them to try climbing it. When it comes to shape, you could also buy any shape that you wanted although it could be based on the room and the furniture.


A lot to talk about when it comes to rugs materials because there are a lot of them. Some would be easy to find and some would be quite hard. The materials are wool, synthetic, natural fiber, blended, cotton, and leather.

Wool would be fluffy, durable and soft. It is quite hard to clean it but if you search carefully there are wool rugs that are easy to take care of and stain-resistant.

The synthetic rugs are probably the easiest to clean and perfectly stain-resistant. While the indoor rugs are made from bamboo, sea grass, etc. These rugs are best for indoor use and easy to take care of. The leather rugs are probably a unique material to be used as a rug because it has a unique texture.

indoor rugs


Rug weave would be very different in terms of texture, value, and the overall look. Because it is be woven then it would stand out while you put them in your room. There are ways to be woven such as braided, flatweave, hand-hooked, hand-knotted, hand-tufted, loomed, or machine made rugs.

Before you buy one for your house, of course it will be better to take all the guidelines. Always buy the rugs that in a size that would fit your room. For me, it’s okay to explore any kinds of rugs because maybe the weirdest one that would fit perfectly to make your room or house look better. Lastly, buy the one you can afford and the one that would be easier to clean up.