It is necessary to clean the carpet at home regularly. You must know the cleaning procedures before you start cleaning the carpet. There are many reasons to clean the carpet. Following are the few reasons to keep your carpet at home spic and span.

carpet cleaning

  1. Vacuum the carpet regularly. Carpet maintenance is important so light vacuuming will also work. This would also help you in reducing the heaving cleaning once in a while.
  2. Prevention of the carpet from dust and stains will keep the carpet clean. Do not let your pets roam in the carpeted area. Restrict the members from stepping on the carpet with shoes. Do not allow kids to sit and eat on the carpet. You will have a long carpet life with prevention.
  3. Pick any kind of spillage or trash from the carpet as soon as you notice it. This prevents them from entering deep inside the carpet. The carpet gets hard if the residue enters in the carpet and lies there for long. So be quick in picking up the crumbs.
  4. Be quick in treatment of the stains. If the stains are removed promptly, it is likely the carpet stays clean for long period. Stain free carpet shines bright.
  5. Do read the instructions provided on the label for cleaning of the carpet. Not everyone is trained to clean the carpet. It is helpful to read the manual and follow the guidelines. Different types of carpet require different types of carpet cleaning as there are many kinds of carpets. It is always recommended to follow the instructions.
  6. If the carpet is wet then dry it quickly. Moisture can cause major damage on the carpet. There can be foul smell on it. You can also see the patches if the carpet stays moist. The carpet will appear shabby. Best way is to sundry it.
  7. Always keep a check on the carpet. Do not neglect it. If you find some changes on the carpet, take action. There may be any unseen problems with the carpet.
  8. Be careful of the mold that can grow under the carpet. While removing the carpet from the floor it is safe to cover your face with facemask. The facemask would be a shield against any kind of in toxic inhalation.
  9. If you are using the chemicals to clean the carpet by yourself then always guard yourself against the harm from the chemicals.
  10. If there is any sort of carpet damage you cannot remove or if you require thorough carpet cleaning, then it is best to call the professionals from carpet cleaning service. They would help you by cleaning the carpet as required. You would spend money but it is worth to do to.

Homeowner should have the knowledge on how do the professional carpet cleaners do the cleaning job. They use different methods on different kinds of carpet. They also check what kind of stains or residue is stuck in the carpet and then the cleaning task is done. Mentioned below are certain methods that are applied by the professionals.-

Encapsulation Method

This type of carpet cleaning is good for the carpet with low pile. This is a quick process where the dirt is removed by the special type of cleaning machine. As the machine penetrates inside, it removes the dirt by trapping it. There is a solution treated on the carpet before the machine application. The vacuum machine is also used. If some the solution remains inside the carpet then that keeps taking up the remaining dirt. Though this method is very good but it is not workable on the heavy soiled carpets.

Hot water extraction method

This type of carpet cleaning is most recommended by the carpet cleaning professionals. The pretreatment of the carpet takes place. A special solution is applied on the carpet. This solution breaks down the dirt away in the carpet. Then there is a blast of hot water in which the solution and the dirt is rinsed away. The machine does the two jobs together. First it washes away the waste water. Second it steams the carpet. The carpet does not remain moist. It is an effective cleaning method. The precaution is that it must be done by the professionals. Otherwise it can damage the carpet.

The carpet must be cleaned regularly in a similar way as we need to visit a dentist regularly to keep our teeth shiny lifelong. Carpet is an investment that can look new for many years with the proper cleaning and maintenance. It can look very shabby if not taken good care. As suggested earlier, regular vacuuming of the carpet is very important. Even if the carpet is cleaned regularly, it must be professionally cleaned in 6 to 12 months every year.